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How can Arch Disability assist me in utilising my NDIS plan?

Together we can

At Arch Disability we have a range of services and supports that are available under the NDIS framework. Our experienced staff understand the new NDIS government scheme that has been designed to provide you with choice and support. At Arch Disability, we believe that you should only use a Service Providers that provide you the best support – and we hope that you choose us.

How people will join the NDIS has been agreed by Commonwealth and State / Territory governments.



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    Below is a small list of questions or requirements that you may want to think about or have prepared for your planning meeting:

    My First Plan

    Your first NDIS First Plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIA. Your NDIS Planner will be initially focused on continuity of your existing support when transitioning to the scheme.

    With thousands of people with disability transitioning to the NDIS, the First Plan aids in the simplification of the transition and has been designed to allow swift entry into the scheme. Your First Plan will be finalised after your Planning Meeting.

    The implementation of the First Plan, allows Participants adequate time to assess their needs, develop goals and explore available options for their next plan. Your next plan may include additional supports that provide you opportunity to explore options to get involved in your local community such as sports clubs and community groups.

    Starting My Plan with United Disability

    Once your plan is approved and you receive your funding, all previous funding for your disability supports will be stopped effective immediately. Therefore, to ensure your existing services continue as per normal, it’s important to let Arch Disability know that your plan has been approved as soon as you receive it.

    Depending on your situation there are a range of people who can help you implement your plan and support you to start receiving supports. You can start your plan on your own if you are self-managed or with the support of and Arch Disability Support Coordinator. Our Support Coordinators assist you in strengthening your ability to coordinate and implement your plan, helping you to boost your formal and informal network and coordinate a range of both funded and mainstream supports that you choose. Arch Disability Support Coordinator will assist you in achieving your plan goals, through the provision of:

    • Service Agreement development.
    • Fund management.
    • Service referral and community linkage.
    • Resolve queries and concerns.

    Plan Management (Financial Management)

    You can use the services of a registered Plan Management provider who can assist you in making payments on your behalf to the people and organisations that support your plan. Plan Management is funded as part of your NDIS plan and will not take away any funding allocated to you.

    To get more information about Plan Management support, contact us today and we will provide more information to help you make these choices.

    Reviewing My Plan

    Before you start your Plan Review, it can be helpful for you to explore options to get involved in your local community through activities such as sporting clubs, local theatres, special interest groups and community gardening.

    The below steps should be considered when reviewing your NDIS plan:

    • Think about your life now. What supports are currently helping you and which ones are not.
    • Identify your strengths, interests, opportunities and challenges.
    • Consider your current informal, community and main stream supports.
    • Think about your future goals. What do you want to achieve?

    Write the above points down and schedule a meeting with your Arch Disability team leader or coordinator in anticipation of your review as this may help with your preparation. As a Participant of the NDIS and a member of the Arch Disability family we will support you during your Plan Review.

    Need More Information?

    Visit the National Disability Insurance Scheme website – www.ndis.gov.au or call 1800 800 110.