Getting ready for your first NDIS

To help you get ready for your first NDIS planning conversation there are a number of things that you can consider and write down to help you get ready. By taking the time to answer some simple questions you can be better prepared for the questions that you will be asked during your meeting. Your pre-planning questions can be done by yourself or with a family member, carer or someone from United Disability can be available to assist when requested.

Below is a small list of questions or requirements that you may want to think about or have prepared for your planning meeting:

Your personal details – You will be asked your name, age and address.
Your primary disability – you will be asked to provide details about your primary disability. It is recommended that you have copies of any reports or assessments you might have.
Your current support – you will be asked about the current supports you are receiving from family, friends, carers, your local community and service providers.
Daily activities – the NDIS will ask you some questions about your daily activities and needs. It is recommended that you consider your abilities and what equipment, accommodation or assistance you might need to look after yourself and your place of residence.
Safety and security – you will be asked if there are any areas of your life where you need additional support or don’t feel safe and secure.
Goals and aspirations – it is great to think about your goals and aspirations for the next year and beyond. Are there any specific goals that you would like to achieve? Goals can include giving you greater access to choice, education, better accommodation, health and community activities.
Managing your plan – Once you plan has been formalised you will need to consider how you want to manage your plan long term. Will you be managing your plan yourself, through a nominee (such as a family member), through a registered provider or via the NDIA support services? If you are unsure about your options, one of our friendly team members are available to assist.
Starting your plan – at the end of your planning conversation you will be asked to discuss your next steps, including your plan approval and fund access.

Need More Information?

Visit the National Disability Insurance Scheme website – or call 1800 800 110.

For people with hearing and speech loss:  TTY- 1800 555 677

Speak and Listen: 1800 555 727

For people who need assistance with English:  TIS- 131 450